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Optical Transport Network Solutions Deliver most Compact IP with Reduced Power and Time to Market

Xilinx has partnered with Precise-ITC and Xelic for a rich set of Optical Transport Network (OTN) solutions to enable Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) to focus on end-product innovation and differentiation while reducing time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Our OTN solutions deliver designers the flexibility to reduce cost, increase port density and shorten time to market. A dedicated team of Optical Network Specialists delivers best-of-class OTN solutions, technology, and architecture to help NEPs meet service providers’ objectives for cost efficiency, flexibility, scalability, standards-compliance, and operational streamlining.

Precise-ITC solutions for include:

  • 100G Transponder
  • 100G Muxponder
  • 100G Regenerator/Repeater
  • 100G Add/Drop Mux
  • OTN Framers
  • OTN Multiplexers
  • PCS/OTL3.4/OTL4.10

Xilinx additionally has FEC solutions:

  • Support for latest standards – G.709, OIF, ODUflex, and G.975 compliant 10G to 100G EFEC/GFEC IP
  • ITU G.709 GFEC
  • 10G I.4 EFEC
  • 10G I.7 EFEC
  • 100G XFEC

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