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Canada Technology Innovation – ASIC, FPGA & Embedded Software !

SOC Cores

SOC Solution


Our SOCs can be used in ASIC or FPGA. If our SOCs are used in an FPGA solution, which will offer dynamically re-configurable, fast adaptability, and the shortest time-to-market window. Our SOCs come with software APIs or customizable software drivers, and so all functions and features of the SOCs can be tied right into a software release. The flexibility of our solution augments and overcomes the limitations of off-the shelf ASSPs. Partial reconfiguration and dynamic reconfiguration of our SOCs with our software API and customizable software driver is the key differentiation for our solution when compared to the offerings of other vendors.

Our versatile SOC solution also allow us to offer pre-standard features such as 1.6Tbps. This allows our customers accessing technology early in the market and allows their systems to be built ahead of competitors.

Our commitment to pre-standard IPs or SOC features is to offer minimum quarterly code/binary update. Usually we offer much shorter update cycle for our customers.

Our latest Gen5 Epak solution, utilizing the 112G/s and 56G/s; the maximum bandwidth is 1.6Tpbs.

Support multi-channel with mixes of 1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 50GE, 100GE, 200GE, 400GE and 800GE, the maximum total bandwidth of 800Gbps

MCMR 400G Ethernet IP Core is our 3rd Gen Epak solution offering ultra-low latency, small size, and low power. The maximum bandwidth is 400GE.

Multi-rate Ethernet aggregator that supports tributaries at 1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 50GE, 100GE in combinations

400GE/100GE OTN Transponder with AES encryption – transponding 400GE or muxponding 4x100GE onto OTUC4/ODUC4, OTUC2/ODUC2 or OTU4.

Multi-lane 100GE to OTU4 Transponder with AES encryption – transponding 100GE onto OTU4.

Multi-lane muxponding 10GE, 25GE, 100GE onto OTU4 with AES encryption

Multi-lane multi-protocol 10G mapper supporting various 10GE signals, FC and OTN onto OTU2, OTU2e and SONET/SDH OC192/STM-64 signals