SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP
SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP

Sub-2.5G OTN GFP Mapper


The Precise-ITC 2.5G and lower rate (aka Sub-2.5G) GFP-F IP block performs G.7041 GFP processing on packet data at rates up to 2.5G/s. Typical applications include mapping Ethernet, MPLS or generic packet data into GFP-F frames for transmission over OTN or SONET/SDH.


The GFP-F IP encapsulates/decapsulates client data to/from Generic Framing Procedure (GFP-F) based on ITU G.7041 Rec. It is fully software configurable.

In the source direction, the GFP-F wrapper encapsulates the client data frame/packet with the ITU G.7041 GFP-F framing structure. The client data is sent to the GFP-F wrapper from the client input bus and GFP framed client data is then sent to the line-side.

In the sink direction, the GFP-F wrapper decapsulates ITU G.7041 GFP-F frames into client data.
Table 1.  Typical clock rates required for some sample configurations/applications:

* Note : Clock rate should match the line-side data-rate/clock. Exact core frequencies depend on actual application.

•    Fully compliant with G.7041
•    Supports one channel with up to 256 logical channels based on Channel Identifier (CID)
•    Supports mapping of generic client packet data e.g. Ethernet, MPLS
•    Supports up to 2.5G transmission rates (10M/100M/1G/1.25G/2.5G)
•    GFP IDLEs are optionally inserted to facilitate rate adaptation or when client data is not available
•    Configurable GFP Header fields
•    Programmable core header, payload header, and extension header single bit error correction
•    Programmable per channel payload frame check sequence (pFCS) insertion and processing
•    Programmable extension header insertion per logical channel with error control field insertion and processing
•    Programmable payload area scrambling
•    Input port allows custom management frame generation
•    Out-of-band SSF/CSF/FDI/RDI/DCI signals on the client interface
•    In-band generation  and detection of CSF/FDI/RDI/DCI management frames on line side interface
•    Received payload header values are captured in software readable registers
•    Generic FIFO-like client side interface
•    Line side interface connects seamlessly to Precise-ITC OTUK wrapper or to a generic FIFO-like Interface
•    8-bit data width and supports up to core frequency of 350MHz depending on line side requirement. Please refer to Table 1.
•    Easy “plug and play” setup!

•    Automatic 8, 12 or 64 byte Management Frame generation options
•    Software generated Client Management frames and Management Communication  frames
•    Optional processor interface with 32-bit registers
•    Per channel Counters TX:  frames sent,  idle frames sent, client management frames sent
•    Per channel Counters RX:  received frames, received idle frames, received client management frames, core header single-bit errors, core header multi-bit errors, payload header single-bit errors, payload FCS errors, extension header single-bit errors, extension header multi-bit errors

•    10M/100M into GFP-F to OC1/STM-0 or OC3/STM-1
•    GE into GFP-F to ODU0/OC24
•    1.25G into GFP-F to ODU0/OC24
•    2GE into GFP-F to ODU1/OC48/STM-16