SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP
SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP

2.5G to 400G OTN GMP Mapper


Precise-ITC offers GMP (generic mapping procedure) mappers for all data rates specified by the ITU-T G.709. We have GMP mapper which works for 400GE (IEEE 802.3bs) and mapper for 1.25G application of Gigabit Ethernet.

The following outlines features and functions of our GMP mappers.

Generic Mapping Procedure (GMP) Features

  • CBR Mapping of client payload into ODTU.ts
  • Support up to 80 ODTU.ts (channels) each at ODU0 rate (in ODUk) or Support up to 10 TS each at ODUC 100G slicer.
  • Support per tributary slot client clock
  • Client side interfacing with internal asynchronous FIFO
  • Line side interfacing with ODU layer interface
  • Optional generic 32-bit CPU interface
  • Seamless integration with Precise-ITC OTU digital wrapper at line side
  • Easy to customize for specific applications

Source direction

  • Programmable OPU AIS (all 1s) generator per tributary slot (or channel) at source direction
  • Client signal fail (CSF) detection at source direction
  • Support internal Cm adjustment algorithm with fully software tunable parameters
  • Support external Cm adjustment algorithm or software driven Cm
  • Support software programmable OPU payload type (PT) byte and MSI bytes

Sink direction

  • Support software pre-define expected PT byte, MSI bytes
  • Support OMFI sequence checker
  • Support server signal fail (SSF) detection
  • OPU CSF detection at sink direction
  • Support per tributary port justification control (JC) CRC5 and CRC8 error detections
  • Support per tributary port Cm changes alarms

Supported alarm detection and interruption

The following are the alarms supported in the source path. All are supported per tributary port.

  • Cm value change alarms (for +/-1 and +/- 2)
  • AIS generation alarm
  • CSF detection alarm
  • Asynchronous FIFO full or empty

The following are the alarms supported in the sink path

  • OPU CSF detection
  • SSF detection
  • PT mismatch
  • OPU OMFI sequence error

For the following alarms are per tributary port

  • Cm value change alarms (for +/- 1 and +/- 2)
  • TS(tributary slot) port number mismatch
  • Expected last TS slot mismatch
  • TS occupied bit mismatch
  • JC – CRC5 Error
  • JC – CRC8 Error