Canada Technology Innovation – ASIC, FPGA & Embedded Software !
Canada Technology Innovation – ASIC, FPGA & Embedded Software !


Our IP cores are fully verified using SystemVerilog UVM coverage-driven constrain random verification methodology. We aim to achieve 100% both functional coverage as well as code coverage on our digital IP cores. Our IP team compiles with years of experience in telecommunication and networking industry. Our strong subject knowledge in the networking field and over aggregated 10+ years of design and verification experience makes us the world class team in networking IP development.

Our IP strategy is simple – offering the highest quality IP on the latest networking technology possible to our customers.

Our SOCs can be used in ASIC or FPGA with software APIs or customizable software drivers. Our versatile SOC solution also allow us to offer pre-standard features such as 1.6T, 800GE, 400GE (IEEE 802.3bs). Usually we offer much shorter update cycle for our customers.

Our Ethernet IP Portfolio contains 1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 100GE and 400GE wire-speed and covers  PCS and MAC/RS layer functions.

The OTN Technology IP offers our customers all necessary building blocks for Optical Transport Network hardware. Our IPs cover from 1.25G/s (ODU0) all the way to multi-100G OTUC4/ODUC4 (400G/s) OTN solution. Our next generation of OTN IPs will be working at 600G/s, 800G/s or 1TB/s.

Precise-ITC AES Cryptography Cores provide our customers the highest bandwidth and highest speed possible hardware AES encryption technology. Our AES cores can be used in bulk OPU encryption in Optical Transport Network, MACsec security, or any proprietary hardware encryption application.

Telco cores are IP cores, which are specific for telecommunication and networking applications.

The embedded/industrial cores are IP targeting general purpose applications in embedded system and/or industrial applications.