SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP
SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP


Precise-ITC has a team of software engineers who have a variety of experiences in embedded software development, OS drivers, and enterprise database and applications.


Languages : C, C++, Java, Python, PERL,TCL, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, JBOSS, Assemblers
OSes : Linux, Andriod, iOS, Windows, eCOS, pSOS, VelOSity, RTKernel, Windriver, QNX, VxWorks, NetBSD embedded, Solaris
Databases : MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB
Env : make, cmake, Eclipse, VisualStudio, JBuilder, Code Compsoer IDEs
Coverage/Test : Coverity, Klockwork, CodeSonar static analysis tools

Past Software Projects

Network/Equipments :

  • Traffic configuration software for OTN transponder/muxponder
  • Subsystem control software for CANBus
  • Software development for OTN, SONET/SDH line cards, and control planes
  • Software for OTN/SONET/SDH testers
  • Control software for industrial control machinery

Enterprise Applications :

  • Enterprise ERP/POS system for retail chains
  • Android Apps for ERP systems
  • Inventory and logistics software for warehouses and transportation
  • Logistic management and tracking systems for foods distributions