SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP
SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP

Sub-2.5G OTN GMP Mapper


Precise-ITC offers a low-area and low-power Sub-2.5G GMP (generic mapping procedure) mapper for low data rate application specified by the ITU-T G.709. This Sub-2.5G GMP mapper has a databus width of 8-bit and efficiently architect-ed and designed for small foot print with low power in mind.

Like other higher rate GMP mappers, it shares almost the same features and functions.

Generic Mapping Procedure (GMP) Features

  • CBR Mapping of client payload into low rate – 1.25G or 2.5G ODTU.ts
  • Support per tributary slot client clock
  • Client side interfacing with internal asynchronous FIFO
  • Line side interfacing with ODU layer interface
  • Optional generic 32-bit CPU interface
  • Seamless integration with Precise-ITC OTU digital wrapper at line side
  • Easy to customize for specific applications

Source direction

  • Programmable OPU AIS (all 1s) generator per tributary slot (or channel) at source direction
  • Client signal fail (CSF) detection at source direction
  • Support internal Cm adjustment algorithm with fully software tunable parameters
  • Support external Cm adjustment algorithm or software driven Cm
  • Support software programmable OPU payload type (PT) byte and MSI bytes

Sink direction

  • Support software pre-define expected PT byte, MSI bytes
  • Support OMFI sequence checker
  • Support server signal fail (SSF) detection
  • OPU CSF detection at sink direction
  • Support per tributary port justification control (JC) CRC5 and CRC8 error detections
  • Support per tributary port Cm changes alarms

Supported alarm detection and interruption

The following are the alarms supported in the source path. All are supported per tributary port.

  • Cm value change alarms (for +/-1 and +/- 2)
  • AIS generation alarm
  • CSF detection alarm
  • Asynchronous FIFO full or empty

The following are the alarms supported in the sink path

  • OPU CSF detection
  • SSF detection
  • PT mismatch
  • OPU OMFI sequence error

For the following alarms are per tributary port

  • Cm value change alarms (for +/- 1 and +/- 2)
  • TS(tributary slot) port number mismatch
  • Expected last TS slot mismatch
  • TS occupied bit mismatch
  • JC – CRC5 Error
  • JC – CRC8 Error