Canada Technology Innovation – ASIC, FPGA & Embedded Software !
Canada Technology Innovation – ASIC, FPGA & Embedded Software !

ASIC Turnkey Services

We can help in all area of ASIC flow from idea and concept to final GDSII tapeout. Here is a brief outline of the services that we can provide. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Architecture and concept
  • ASIC flow/environment setup
  • ASIC and verification services (front-end)
    • RTL coding
    • SystemVerilog UVM verification
  • Custom IP development & verification
  • Design re-optimization
  • ASIC Synthesis, DFT, STA, Formal Verification, ATPG
  • ASIC Physical Design (Layout – back-end)
  • Production Test Generation and Consulting

Planning and Evaluation Phase

  • ASIC project – feasibility study
  • Technology evaluation
  • Project planning and management
  • Software API and driver

Design & Functional Verification Phase

  • ASIC functional description and architecture
  • Digital (RTL) design using Verilog/VHDL
  • System and module verification using SystemVerilog UVMCapture-microchip-bottom
  • Mixed-signal SoC or Digital SoC integration
  • Design-for-test (DFT) insertion and verification
  • DFT (ATPG) test vector generation
  • Static Timing Analysis (STA)
  • Formal Verification
  • Physical Design, ECO and timing closures

Production Phase

  • Functional vector generation
  • ATPG vector generation
  • Test planning and production flow
  • Deployment firmware development
  • Test board (for tester)
  • Evaluation board / Reference design PCB
  • Application engineering support
  • Customer Solutions – user interface, evaluation kits and so on.

CAD and Development Tools

  • Cadence IUS – functional simulation using SystemVerilog UVM
  • Synopsys – synthesis, DFT, STA, ATPG and physical design
  • High-performance server farm

Note : * After design and layout phase, we will handle and manage all fabrication, packaging and testing services through our partners.