SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP
SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP

100G/40G/25G/10G OTN GFP Mappers


Precise-ITC provides a family of GFP-F IP blocks for all applications and size constraints ready for FPGA and ASIC solutions. The family covers  single channel and multichannel options, full bandwidth and Interlaken interface options. Other sub-variants are available based on feature requirements.
The multi-channel GFP version can be seamlessly integrated with Precise-ITC MC ODUj to perform ODUFLEX(GPF-F) function for mapping packet clients.

Block Diagram


The GFP-F IP encapsulates/decapsulates client data to/from Generic Framing Procedure (GFP-F) based on ITU G.7041 Rec. The multi-channel version also supports ITU G.7044 (ex G.HAO Hitless Adjustment ODUFLEX). The single channel version (SC_GFP-F) is targeted to compact and small footprint applications.

The MC_GFP-F can simultaneously support up to 8/32/80 independent channels for 10/40/100G applications respectively and is fully software configurable. A single Multi-channel GFP-F engine services the client data in a multiplexed fashion.
In the source direction, the MC_GFP-F wrapper encapsulates the client data frame/packet from each individual client channel with the ITU G.7041 GFP-F framing structure. The client data is sent to the GFP-F wrapper from the client input bus, where individual channels are multiplexed onto the input bus. The GFP framed client data is then sent to the line-side.

In the sink direction, the GFP-F wrapper decapsulates ITU G.7041 GFP-F frames from different channels (e.g. individual ODU channels) into client data. Similar to the source side, the input and output buses are multi-channel and time-multiplexed.

•    Fully compliant with G.7041 and G.7044 (ex G.HAO)
•    Configurable per channel GFP Header fields
•    Programmable per channel core header, payload header, and extension header single bit error correction
•    Programmable per channel payload frame check sequence (pFCS) insertion and processing assigned to value of client channel.
•    Extension header error control field is inserted and processed
•    Programmable per channel payload area scrambling
•    Input port allows per channel management frame generation
•    Received payload header values are captured in software readable registers
•    Flexible data-bus width for non-standard applications

Key Features
•    Supports mapping of generic client packet data e.g. Ethernet, MPLS
•    Supports up to 10/40/100G transmission
•    Supports up to 8/32/80 channels for multi-channel version
•    Perfect solution for ODUflex(GFP-F) mapping of multiple client data channels onto multiple ODUflex signal streams onto ODU4/OPU4 using ODTU4.ts
•    Perfect solution for multi-channel ODUj
•    GFP IDLEs are optionally inserted to facilitate rate adaptation or when client data is not available
•    Programmable time multiplexing of multi-channels and programmable channel rate from 1.25Gbps to 100Gbps in 1.25Gbps increments
•    Easy “plug and play” setup!

•    10/40/100Gbps
•    Single channel or Multichannel support
•    Client side Interface is Interlaken or a generic interface for full bandwidth support
•    Line side interface connects seamlessly to Precise-ITC MC ODUj/MC FIFO Interface
•    10G: 4 or 8 byte client and line  side interfaces running at 315MHz and 155MHz respectively
•    40G: 16 or 32 bytes client and line side interfaces running at 165MHz and 330MHz respectively
•    100G: 40 or 64 bytes client and line side interfaces  running at 350MHz and 220MHz respectively
•    Other bus widths available based on parameterization
•    Automatic 8, 12 or 64 byte Management Frame generation options
•    Optional S/W Generated Client Management frames and Management Communication frames.
•    Optional FCS error aligned with EOP
•    Optional processor i/f with 32-bit registers
•    Per channel Counters TX:  frames sent,  idle frames sent, client management frames sent
•    Per channel Counters RX:  received frames, received idle frames, received client management frames, core header single-bit errors, core header multi-bit errors, payload header single-bit errors, payload FCS errors, extension header single-bit errors, extension header multi-bit errors

The following shows a few examples of how the 100G_GFP-F IP can be used:

•    100GE onto GFP-F (then mapped to ODU4) – one channel occupies all 80 bandwidth slots
•    10x10GE onto GFP-F and then mapped onto 10xOPU2 (10xODU2)
•    80 GE channels onto GFP-F (then to 80 ODU0 or ODUflex.1 channels)
•    Eight GE channels (8 x 1 slots), three 10G channels (3 x 8 slots) and one 40G channels (1 x 32 slots)
•    or any combination of 1.25Gbps channel slots for a total aggregate rate of up to 100Gbps