SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP
SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP

1588 Time of Day


Standard Support

– IEEE 1588-2008 Standard Compliant
– Support One Step, and two Step Modes

Time Engine

– Support multiple references
– Provides a time of day representation with the following features:
* adjustable frequency count of better than 1ppb
* adjustable time of day with better than 1ns
– Support  correction fields and timestamps (sec,nano-sec).

Flexible I/Os

– Provide a Pulse Per second output
* programmable pulse width and active edge
– Support an external Pulse Per Second Input
– Programmable sampling channels
* used with PHY layer to time stamp packets

Software Support

– Provide Linux Driver compatible with PHC (PTP hardware Clock)
– Integrate easily with various ptpd stacks