SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP
SoftIP IP Group of Alphawave IP

Reporting a technical journal’s copyright infringement of our 800GE IP Core

Ottawa, Canada. November 16th, 2020.

We noticed our product information on 800GE (Epak800G) was directly referenced or used in a technical journal without prior written permission from us and some texts in the technical journal including diagram were directly copied from our Website / Design and Reuse website without our permission. The technical journal is currently published in The Gujarat Research Society ISSN: 0374-8588 Vol 21 Issue 2.
In this article, the 800GE IP Core seems to be claimed by the authors. However, the article has almost used the exact wording as our 800GE IP Core product  on our older website product description and our Product brief and they even referenced our IP on the public website as if these products were their own work. E.g. In the article’s Abstract, near the end it was written as
“In  an SOC  Core  from is  a  multi-rate  Ethernet  that  supports branches from  800GE,  to  1GE.  800G  is  our  3rd generation  of  solution  utilizing  the  112G/s  serdes  and  56G/s  serdes. The  initial 400GE  IP  core version  is  available  under  the    while  improved  version  of  the  core,  including  the High  speed  processor,  is  available  at” . The wording was similar or copied from our Product description on our website.

Plagiarism, copyright and IP infringement is not tolerable. Precise-ITC makes it clear that the authors shall remove this journal from any publication and make a public apology for their actions.

For reader’s information, here is our Epak 800GE IP Core website link: