SP80 Microcontroller

The Precise-ITC SP80 microcontroller (SP80-MCU) is Z80 or 8080 binary instruction compatible microcontroller. It is also cycle timing compatible to Z80 CPU. It features 16-bit address bus and 8-bit data bus. This 8-bit MCU can be used in many embedded applications which require very low power and very low area MCU. It features an efficient design with a small footprint, minimizing device resource requirements and lowering component costs.

Since it executes Z80 or 8080 binary instructions, users can find numerous compilers, and software resources for it easily.

Key Features

  • Binary instruction compatible to Z80 and 8080 CPUs
  • 16-bit address bus and 8-bit data bus
  • Cycle timing compatible with Zilog Z80
  • Low power
  • Low area
  • Easy to modify and to add extension with MMU, GPIO, Timer and etc

Block Diagram